About Fiasco Studios

  • Fiasco Studios, Melbourne, Australia
    Fiasco Studios is a Melbourne game development studio, established in 2010 by a games professional with thirteen years’ industry experience. Fiasco is focused on creating small scale, quality games that are both commercially and creatively successful. In short, we want to make games of which we’re proud.

Current Projects

  • Paper Fox
    Paper Fox is an interactive digital story book being developed with Torsion Fork Studio. It will be published by Bento Interactive and will be released in late 2012, for iPhones, iPad and Android. Both titles are being made with support from Screen Australia and Peleda is also being supported by South Australian Film Corporation (SAFC).
  • Peleda
    Peleda is an online action adventure game being developed for the ABC3 website for Vishus Productions. It features the distinctive visual style of Nathan Jureviscious and is due to be released in 2013.

Director - Fiasco Studios

  • Joe Tabor
    Joe has thirteen years' experience in the games industry working in Australia and Canada for the following studios: Electronic Arts Montreal, Torus Games, IR Gurus Interactive and Infinite Interactive. Prior to this he worked for 6 years as a 3D artist on various multimedia projects. He has extensive management experience and has worked as a lead artist on many AAA titles for international publishers. With a strong leadership background, he has worked through the ranks of 3D artist and lead artist, to Art Manager and Business Development Manager to Lead Technical Artist. He brings a strong understanding of the Australian games industry and a strategic approach to business. He has outstanding people skills and has worked with and maintained contact throughout his career with key people in the industry. This industry network in Australia and overseas, has meant he has brought together a team of outstanding games professionals to work at Fiasco studios, plus mentors from world leading studios in the global games industry.